Flipping Mopeds in Maui

Have you ever ridden a moped?

Have you ever wrecked a moped?

I have.

When I first moved to Maui I thought it would be a good idea to get a “scooter” to get around. And it was a good idea.

At that time, gas was expensive and the scooter get great gas mileage. It couldn’t have been going better.

But, like all gas-powered vehicles, you have to re-fill. So I stopped into the Chevron off South Kihei Rd. The one that’s in the center of everything. That’s where I stopped to fill-up my red machine for the first time.

I fueled up. No problem. Fired up the scooter. No problem.

But then I hit the throttle. The scooter took off.

So I hit the brakes.

And that’s when I flew over the handle bars onto the ground in front of what seemed to be everybody on the island.

It was funny. I laughed. The people around me laughed. My body and ego were bruised. My new moped was scratched up. But I was still alive.

The lesson of the story: when you fill up your moped, you don’t need to give it the same amount of throttle you do when you are low on fuel. And if you do, don’t hit the brakes.