Back in San Diego

I finally returned to San Diego this afternoon. My plane left Sea-Tac at 1:55 p.m. and landed in San Diego around 4:47 p.m. It was a really easy, nice flight. I’m temporarily staying in the Gaslamp Plaza Suites. They are really nice. It’s literally a suite. The front desk said it takes two-years on the waiting list to get in here. I got lucky.

Anyway, I’m going to go enjoy the culture and the town. I will take some pictures and share them. I’m excited to get back, and get to work.

I have a couple projects I want to work on. One of them is generating more leads for the grower’s competition. One idea I have is purchase the domain name and make it a landing page. Get growers who are interested in joining the competition to provide their email address. What is going to be the “hook,” though? Why would they enter their email address? Would we offer them one free entry? Would we offer them a discount? Would we offer them a white-paper? I mean, what are we going to offer them so they enter their email address? Or do we even need to offer them anything? Is winning the Cannabis Classic reason enough? Interested in being recognized as the best grower? Enter your email address and we will send you more information about winning the Cannabis Classic.

Once somebody enters their email address, there needs to be an email that instantly gets sent to them. An automated email which entices them to take the next step.

I also read an email from my friend Steli from about the importance of following up. According to his email, the general schema for timing your follow-ups is something like this:

Day 1: First follow-up

Day 3: Follow-up

Day 7: Follow-up

Day 28: Follow-up

Day 58: Follow-up

(…from there, follow up once per month).

Steli even suggests some phrases to use when following up.

Email #1

“Hey [first name], how is it going? Can we schedule a time to talk this week?”

Email #2

“Hey [first name], we got some new press coverage [link]. I’d love to pick up on our conversation. When’s a good time to chat?”

Email #3

“Hey [first name], can we hop on a real quick call Wednesday 4 p.m. or Thursday 11 a.m.?”



PS: thought you might find this article interesting [link]

I’m gonna head out now, take some pictures, enjoy the weather, and eat some food.