Flipping Mopeds in Maui

Have you ever ridden a moped?

Have you ever wrecked a moped?

I have.

When I first moved to Maui I thought it would be a good idea to get a “scooter” to get around. And it was a good idea.

At that time, gas was expensive and the scooter get great gas mileage. It couldn’t have been going better.

But, like all gas-powered vehicles, you have to re-fill. So I stopped into the Chevron off South Kihei Rd. The one that’s in the center of everything. That’s where I stopped to fill-up my red machine for the first time.

I fueled up. No problem. Fired up the scooter. No problem.

But then I hit the throttle. The scooter took off.

So I hit the brakes.

And that’s when I flew over the handle bars onto the ground in front of what seemed to be everybody on the island.

It was funny. I laughed. The people around me laughed. My body and ego were bruised. My new moped was scratched up. But I was still alive.

The lesson of the story: when you fill up your moped, you don’t need to give it the same amount of throttle you do when you are low on fuel. And if you do, don’t hit the brakes.

Event Management 101

In a past blog I said the first part of planning an event is to choose a date and a venue. But that’s not entirely accurate. Before you can choose your date and your venue you need to understand why you are organizing your event. What are the event objectives?

It’s important to define your event objectives because that will shape what kind of event you produce. The event objectives are important to understand because they help you choose the proper event style.

Event Styles
  • Award shows
  • Board meetings
  • Business meetings
  • Client appreciation events
  • Concerts
  • Conferences
  • Conventions
  • Corporate shows
  • Employee appreciation events
  • Executive retreats
  • Fairs
  • Festivals
  • Gala fund-raising events
  • Incentive travel
  • Pop-up events
  • Product launches
  • Product placement
  • Seminars
  • Special events
  • Sporting events
  • Tasting events
  • Teleconferencing
  • Trade shows
  • Webcasts
  • Weddings
  • Workshops

You can design the event once you have set your objectives and determined the best style to meet those objectives.

The next step is to determine the scope of the event, which is dictated by money and objectives.

In my next post I’ll discuss more about defining event objectives, budget, vision, and more.

More Billy Gene notes

The G.E.N.I.U.S process

G – get information

What does your company do? Explain it to me like I’m in the fifth grade.

How long have you been in business?

How many employees does your company have?

What products/service do you sell?

What are the prices?

DJ example

Birthday parties

Sweet 16

Bar Mitzvah

basic price is 1,800

comes with all sorts of stuff

4 hours of performance times

2 dancers, engage to crowd. Keep people moving.


Do you have any videos that you can show?

Everybody says they are the best DJs

Do you have videos?


Is it a community where everybody knows everybody?

How long have you been in the game?

6 years

How many jobs have you done?


What kind of… competitively speaking… where is your price compared to your competition?

I’m on the lower-end of the higher-end?

Do you have an event upcoming?

My next event is New Years.

Does this happen a lot? You are DJing at one party and one of the mom’s asks you to do their party?

Yes. I get a lot of word-of-mouth and referrals.

OK, so. This is 1000% of what I recommend. A strategy for your New Year’s promotion. So that we can kill.

One thing. We want to stick around… Im thinking in the future. Making a course about how to do Facebook ads for DJs… you want to understand that most the people you work with only work with people and businesses they know.

We need to get the email addresses of every single parent that come to this event. We need to come up with a way to do this right now!

How many people are going to this NYE event?

75 kids and 200 adults.

Are you capturing data on any of them?


You mention you do raffles. Lets leverage that. Lets say you go to this thing and you can get all 200 of those people and you can get the email address they log into FB with. You can run advertisements – video ads -to them on IG and FB. And you can reach all of them on $5 per day.

Have a raffle. Like my pages. So you can advertise you can to your followers. Then ask what email they log into Facebook with. Using Lead Pages and creating landing page. Insert the raffle here. Re-direct them back to the same page.

The dancers, make sure it their job to get every person that shows up. Don’t be salesee. But, “Dude, you gotta be a part of this raffle. It’s the cool thing.”

Current offer: two $50 off giveaways. Lighting package.

What I recommend is: don’t seperate anything. You can sell them whatever you want on the backend. What we don’t want to do with people that don’t know you very well is “Damn, I need a DJ and now this person is trying to up-sell me.”

At the New Year’s event, have a raffle. Want me to DJ your next event? 50 percent off. Once we have their email address, we are going to get them. And every time they come on to FB from this point out, they are going to see you.

Also, hit up your previous customers. Run an ad directly to them and their friends.

But, I don’t want you to discount your prices. I don’t think you need to. Let’s just ask them. When’s your next party…

Opt-in page… we need name, email, phone number, and month of child’s birthday. Now you are going to understand how to prioritize your follow-up. If you get a bunch of leads, but half the leads bday is in November, which might be 11-months away, you want to focus on the nearest months.

Recap these steps:

Jan 1, you go there. You get every single person in that raffle. Period. They can win what hook you are offering. I would raffle a prize.

Then as soon as you leave there you are going to run an ad to the people on IG and FB. We are going to make a 30 sec clip of the event they were at. You need to get somebody who is gonna film the New Years event. Then use that footage to make a 30 second short. “Wanna do your’s too?” Send me a text. I say text because it’s a small community.

Once you do this strategy in Jan, then do it at every one of your events. Have somebody film it. Have people join the raffle. Have them like your FB page. Market to them at $5 per day with FB and IG video ads. Do it at every single one of your events and you have a repeatable process every time. This will get you more business than ever before.

Use a software called Camtasia – it’s free to download.

The video only goes on the ad.

For this strategy, I wouldn’t have a landing page. We already have their data. I want them to text us. I’m not sending them to a landing page. For this call-to-action is to have them text you. That’s how you make your sale.

You do this three times, and you can begin marketing this stuff to other DJs.

Remember, you have their name, email and phone number. You can send a weekly email. You can send the email follow ups based on when their birthday is. 6-months out, once per week. 3-months out, two times per week. Here is the lighting show we did at “John’s” party. Here are the games we played at “Joe’s” party.

Retarget people who have seen your video. Gather the data. Pixel them. “Hey, you’ve seen our parties, how come you haven’t booked us yet?” You are tracking these folks through FB analytics.




Billy Gene advertising video notes

Day 1, Skill 1

The fortune is in the follow-up

You have to understand how the sales process works

most people who visit you the first time will not purchase

where people drop the ball with follow up is – you follow up with the same crap

Everything you follow up you need a new reason

All of the sales will not be made in that first intro

They will be made in the follow up

Using technology, we found a way

BLAB – allows you to web chat with people

We hosted a live Q/A for people who haven’t signed up for our webinars

We followed up using BLAB

Here is how it went:

How do I get my first client?

What size budget do I need for FB?

$5 per day.


Thoughts going into the week of July 17

Every day is a big day for me as I continue to figure out what I am going to do to make money and support my family.

I started a digital marketing company called buzzGIANT.

buzzGIANT’s first client is the Cannabis Classic. Here is the plan for the Cannabis Classic:

The first thing I need to do is upload our email list into FB so we can begin showing our ads to this group. This group will like and comment on the content. At that point, the ad will be primed to begin showing to a broader audience.

  1. get www.wintheclassic.com
  2. design the landing page
    • create video
    • offer – “enter name and email for 50% off your first entry”
    • highlight value for breeders and growers – “differentiation, recognition, brand awareness”
  3. build a FB ad
    • video?
  4. run ad on FB and Instagram
  5. click-through to landing page
  6. visitors are offered “coupon for 50% off their first entry.”
  7. insert pixel on the landing page to re-market to visitors who don’t enter their emails
  8. insert pixel on the “thank you” page to re-market to the visitors who enter their emails but don’t register
  9. consider having an expiration to the 50%-coupon offer.

Complete the same sequence for the judges.

  1. get the domain name judge the classic dot com, classic jury duty dot com, etc.
  2. design the landing page
    • video – include footage of past judges kits, entries, etc.
    • offer

And then, follow the steps outlined above.

OK, that’s the role of buzzGIANT. To manage the digital marketing for the Cannabis Classic.

In the meantime, I’m also teaching myself some new languages: programming languages. Here is the order in which I’m learning the new languages:

  1. HTML5/CSS
  2. JavaScript
  3. C++
  4. Python
  5. Ruby

I anticipate each language is probably going to take me 10-12 weeks to learn. It’s a marathon. Not a race. I need to continue to learn new skills. I think programming skills are important to have.

I’ve spent July getting certified in Google AdWords. I’m in the process of finishing up my course study guides. Once I’m done with the course guides then I can take the exams, which are 100+ questions per topic. Upon completion, Google offers certifications. Those are the skills I’m honing currently.

Anyways, my goal is to spend an hour per day studying and working towards my Google certifications; an hour to two hours per day learning computer programming language(s); and two hours per day writing my event management guide. Admittedly, I’m a little behind on that project right now. But I’m thinking about the content each day. I’ve been adding to the book little-by-little each week. But I need to do more. And I will.

In addition, I need to continue to exercise and eat properly. Eating right is the most important thing for me to do, yet, it’s one of the hardest. I love eating chocolate and drinking pop. It makes me feel good at the time, but makes me feel terrible directly afterwards.

It sounds like a lot to do, but it’s no more than any other person is working on. Life is hard. Life is busy. Life is full of choices and options. It seems my biggest weakness and threat to my success is being divided; not focusing in on one thing and becoming an “expert” at that one thing. I hope I find that “thing” soon. I don’t know if it’s finance or real estate or flipping properties. I’m not sure what it’s going to be. But I think the key is to keep grinding. Keep trying. Keep networking. Work hard. Be opportunistic. And keep moving forward. I know I can do better on all of those things. And I will. Change is near. Change is near.

The Man Bun

The Man Bun. Some people love them. Many people hate them. I wear one. My dad hates it. There are plenty of different man bun styles. The full-bun and the semi-bun. I wear mine as a top knot. My dad still hates it. But my daughters like it. And that matters more to me right now.

The twins were born Feb. 21, 2016. Two-days before that I got my haircut. That’s when I decided to grow my hair out. I remember when I was younger my sister had fun messing with my dad’s hair. Up until that point, I’d always worn my hair short. And I liked it short!

But I thought it was time for a change. And I thought the girls would have fun with it. And they have.

But now my man bun is more of a statement.

Many people hate man buns. Why some people let how other people wear their hair bother them is beyond me. But they do. And they let me hear about it.

I tell them it’s my stand against the man. That the man wants me to have short hair. That the man hates man buns. So it’s my stand against the man. Whoever the man is, lol.

Not everybody can wear a man bun. It takes at least six inches of hair on top for a top knot. That takes time to grow.

Plus, if I don’t like my long hair anymore, I can just cut it off. But if I don’t like my short hair, I’m not about to sport a wig, lol.

But the real reason I wear a man bun is because I like it.

“Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner.” – Lao Tzu



Some thoughts

Startup Week has wrapped. It was another great event. The talks and people always open my mind, which I love. VR was a huge hit at this year’s event, as were drones. These startups are always about pioneering, and so you end up meeting some really cool people at these events.

I really enjoying going to events. There a lot of fun and I get a ton of value out of them. And I enjoy planning events. It’s also a lot of fun and gratifying when you see people making connections. And the events I have been planning for the last four years have been cannabis events – trade shows, competitions, VIP dinners, award shows, conferences, and more. It has been a lot of fun. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s been hard, and it’s been stressful, but I’ve learned a lot about running a business and organizing events.

Recently, I’ve been looking at getting a job. We’ve lost money on our last few events; like a lot of money. We’ve never taken debt against our company. So when we lost money it was our money. And I can’t keep losing money. So I have been thinking about getting a job. Getting a job. I’ve been going back-and-forth about getting a job for like two years. It’s been the biggest struggle in my life. “What I’m I going to do for money?” I ask myself this question over and over again so many times a day. I want to own my own business. I want to make a million dollars. I’ve just lost so much confidence over the last two years that I don’t know that I even believe I can make a million dollars per year running my own business.

So, this weekend I applied for like 10 jobs, and today two of them reached out to me for interviews. One of them is mortgages, which is pretty much a slam dunk if I want it. And the other is for a digital marketing firm. And so it makes my decision real now. Like, real real. I’ve got job opportunities. Do I want to accept a job or do I want to be an entrepreneur? Another way of looking at it, do I want to get a job and help somebody else’s dream come true and help them make a million dollars or do I wanna continue to struggle as an entrepreneur?

To be continued…